Wat er gebeurt op de conferentie blijft op de conferentie...
Greg en Dan zijn allebei 'gelukkig' getrouwd en ervan overtuigd dat ze nooit vreemd zullen gaan. Maar wanneer ze 's avonds iets te veel alcohol ophebben en aandacht krijgen van twee jongere dames, lijkt het nog niet zo'n slecht idee om een keer een avontuurtje te beleven. Hun vrouwen zullen daar toch nooit achter komen?


Ontrouw, Huwelijk
Vertrouw me
Mike Bullen
Davida Van Dijke
Original language
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Amsterdam: The House of Books, 2015
384 p.

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About Mike Bullen

Michael J. Bullen (born 13 January 1960) is an English screenwriter. Bullen grew up in the West Midlands of England, attending the Solihull School and later Magdalene College, Cambridge. He left with a degree in history of art and became a radio producer for the BBC World Service. Unhappy with the quality of British television targeted at people his age, Bullen took a course in screenwriting and developed a one-off comedy drama for Granada Television. This led to the commissioning of Cold Feet, a multiple-award-winning comedy drama that aired for two separate runs on the ITV network, the first from 1998 to 2003, and the second from 2016 to 2020. The series won Bullen the Writer of the Year award at the 2003 British Comedy Awards. He wrote two more series for Granada; Life Begins, which ran for three years, and All About George, which ran for only one. His works have been described as being "about the intricacies of interper…Read more on Wikipedia